Lymington and change of crew

Well they say even the best laid plans go wrong and they certainly did. However the problems with the boat are now fixed after two months of delay, the boat is back in the water and looking good. The crew is changing as well and Gillian and Johnny are no longer coming but Stefan and Peter are joining here in Lymington to take the boat down to Lisbon where we pick up my mate Sim. Ray and Gill will be joining in the Canaries in Late October to make up a crew of five across the Atlantic.

Stefan will be leaving us in either Lisbon or the Canaries to join a boat in Barcelona bound for Brazil where he wants to go next.

Over the next few days Gill and Ray will join me on the boat for a bit of a shakedown and leave when Peter and Stefan arrive.

Apologies to all who have been waiting for an update from our April posting but its been a bit hectic and there was nothing to report apart from problems.

Our aim is to leave Lymington on the 8th August and sail down the south coast to Plymouth and cross to France or Spain from there, depending on weather. It will be really good to get going after the difficulties of the last three months.

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