Arrival In Lisbon

We have now arrived in Lisbon and are anchored off a place called Cascais. Stefan left for his boat in Barcelona which will take him to Brazil from where he will cross the Andes to Chile where he joins Nano’s band as percussionist. A real adventure and it was a real pleasure having him on board, I will never forget the flute music haunting our journey across the Bay of Biscay. On the wa y since the last post we stopped at Figueras da Foz, Nazare, a lovely if very busy holiday resView of Nazare  from the Marinaort

We took the funicular railway to the top of the point and these were the views.
Funicular Railway to the Point above
View from the top over Nazare

The world record is held here for the highest wave ever surfed at 30 metres by an american. The photos are stunning – see google for the pics.Surfers beach 30m waves but not today

The journey here has been a real adventure for Stefan and I – the highlights had to be the Dolphins and the Whales, Stefan playing the flute, making it across the Bay in one piece, arrival in A Corunna, Paella in A Corunna in the balmy heat with cold beer, the beautiful anchorage just around Finisterre, and many more. There were no real bad bits, the last day crossing the Bay we took a hammering but we coped and more to the point so did the boat, and motoring down the Portugese coast with little wind was boring but all in all we had a great time and both learned a lot. I am now an expert in South American Folk Music – just joking Stefan!

Once Sim arrives on Tuesday we will decide where next and what the next stage of the journey will be – Africa or Gibraltar or Madeira and the Med and then on to pick up Gill and Ray in the Canaries on the 22nd October.

3 thoughts on “Arrival In Lisbon

  1. Love to here where you are,sorry you not invited to babs house warming,was good,suzie and babies were there,also Alastair ken and nancy and Kathleen and robin plus a few more people,am watching your journey,again keep safe big hugs xx

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  2. G’day Mike and Sim,
    How is it all going? Have you decided on your route yet? With both of you on board it must be a bit like a Blue Flue reunion! Are you sober? Are you ready to depart on 22nd October ?
    After Hours has been anti fouled and is back in the water getting ready for summer. I hope to get plenty of sailing in before you get down here and be in a situation where we might be able to meet you off shore although I don’t know if Customs would be too happy! I will cross that bridge when closer to you getting here.
    All the best

    • Hi John
      Yes we’re fine and occasionally sober, at least enough to find our way to the next bar. Glad to hear your getting in some sailing practice ready for us reaching Aussie in 2015. Make sure you have beer in the fridge we will have worked up a thirst by then.
      Mike and Sim

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